You open the book. Alisa is restless she has been tossing and turning through the night every night since the accident. Every morning and several times a night she rushes to her bathroom, sick to her stomach. The words in her mind are bouncing around above her head, creating the perfect storm.

Alisa gets up; knowing she has to rehearse. Her feet hit the floor with all the high-powered force of a sloth. She steps out onto her balcony like always, the day is a perfect temperature, but the blazing sun is making her pounding headache even worse. She has to run back to the bathroom sick again. She just barely makes it to the toilet when a startling realization hits her that she doesn’t dare speak. After this particularly brutal round she splashes water on her face and shakes her head.

She says “Stomach, you will behave now. That’s an order. Okay… Let’s go, stomach. Time to tell Freddy what an idiot I’ve been.”

She walks down the boardwalk into the practice room, dread pooling in her stomach. Freddy is walking towards her.

“You’re sick; it’s written all over your face,” He says

Then the color drains from his face. he gasps “No, no, you can’t be… What am I saying? Of course, you can be.” She looks at him curiously

“Are you okay?” He asks extending his hand, she takes it.

“I, you know don’t you?” she says, looking down ashamed.

“Alisa?” He asks, holding his breath.

“I have to tell you something,” She practically whispers.


“I, I’m pregnant.”

“Oh, Alisa,” Freddy pulls her into his arms. She tries to pull away, but he pulls her closer.

“I’m sorry, don’t hold me I don’t deserve it”

“How can I help?” He puts his hand on the back of her neck.

“It’s Peter’s still want to help?”

“Stay with me” He blurts out.

“What? But everyone will think it’s yours”


“You don’t care?”

“No, I mean I won’t lie but I won’t talk about it if you don’t want me to. Now I’ve got to make a call and then I’m taking you to the medical center. No arguing”

“I wasn’t going to.” she shakes her head.

“Good” he smiles tersely.

Freddy makes a phone call then they walk down to the medical center at the end of the three buildings that make up the strip along the lake. When they are done and have confirmed that Alisa is in fact with child. They go to Alisa’s condo and Freddy and Alisa pack her stuff driving up to Freddy and Phoenix settling her into Freddy’s basement suite where Phoenix lives as well. She tumbles into exhausted slumber.

The Next Day

After getting ready for the day Freddy makes his way downstairs. Alisa and Phoenix are sitting in the kitchen preparing breakfast. Freddy holds himself still gazing at Alisa, then he gives her a quick hug.

“Good morning,” He whispers in her ear.

Alisa pulls away stiffly and says “Morning.”

“Settling in okay?”

She nods, “Yeah, thanks” Then he looks down to see Alisa’s dancing gear on the floor; he stops surprised.

“Wait why are you… are you still, are you…?”

Phoenix laughs. “Full sentences, brother.”

Freddy shakes his head. “Right, I came down to offer you a ride if you want” They both nod.

He turns back to Alisa. “So you’re still going to work?”

She nods. “Yeah, till I can’t anymore.”

“Don’t look so shocked, Freddy. I’d do the same if…” Phoenix doesn’t complete her statement. They look at each other a current of understanding between them. They leave the basement suite and walk around the house to the front, where an SUV is parked. Freddy gets in the driver’s seat starts the SUV and drives down the shoreline of the lake, parking in the lot at the back of the performance center. They all walk up to their respective practice rooms.

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