As with any other day you open the book but today is different. The sun is just starting to rise, and Michael is tapping his foot glaring at you.

“Where have you been?!!”

You point at yourself. “Me?”

“Yes! You haven’t been here in months!”

You look down to see Alisa getting ready for the day. Freddy comes downstairs to the basement suite. Phoenix is making breakfast and Alisa is sitting at the counter facing the kitchen talking to her. After they eat Freddy suggests they all go for a walk Phoenix declines so Alisa and Fred take off around the lake. Suddenly Alisa starts to double over, cramping. Freddy picks Alisa up, carries her to her room, and calls a doctor to come. The story narrows into Alisa, Freddy, and the doctor like a drone shot. You can now only see inside her room.

“You need to go on bed rest,” the doctor says.

“What!? No… I” Freddy puts his hand on her shoulder, concern in his eyes.

“You’ve been pushing yourself too hard,” He says

“I’ve been busy,” Alisa says.

Then Freddy gives her a look that would melt anyone’s heart to butter. She looks away losing the fight with her heart.

“Alisa, please, If anything happened to you… or the baby I don’t…”

I sigh. “I know” Her voice shakes.

She clenches her fists and Freddy looks away the storm in his eyes exposing the frustration and pain in his heart. She looks up as Freddy sits behind her, pulling her into his arms. Tired she rests her head. Freddy slowly eases his body closer turns them both on their sides and they fall asleep. Freddy wakes up to Alisa screaming. Her breathing is labored, and sweat is clinging to her forehead. Freddy rubs her back; she tenses but doesn’t try to stop him.

“Freddy, you can’t be here; I don’t deserve you.”

“I don’t care.”

“You should” She looks at him like he’s crazy.

“I’m going to be here no matter what you do.”

She tries to pull away from him, but the man holds her steady. She doesn’t burst into tears; it’s not her nature, but her whole body shakes, trying to hold in her grief. He risks a kiss on her temple, and exhausted, she falls back to sleep. The morning rises, and Freddy writes Alisa a message telling her he’s going to run some errands. He drives through the pouring rain to the practice hall, where Brook is standing at the front, and everyone is filtering into the auditorium. He sits, and after everyone has left, he walks up to Brook.

She looks at him quizzically. “Good morning.” She says.

“Good morning,” Freddy responds.

“I need to talk to you are you free?”

“I can be… What’s up?

“In private” She nods and takes him to the back beyond the practice hall. On the other side of the hallway is a line of offices. She opens the door to one of them, and they both walk in. She motions for him to sit down and settles in behind a simple but elegant desk.

he takes a breath. “Alisa’s on bed rest, doctor’s orders.”

“Oh no,” He nods, and she laughs under her breath. “I feel sorry for both of you, honestly. I guess this means you need time off.”

“Yes, in truth.”

Brook nods. “Okay, I deal with the paperwork. How long will you need? I’m assuming until your baby is born, at least.” He hesitates.

Back at the house, Alisa is sitting on a couch in the living room.

“Hey, Phoenix,” Alisa says as Freddy’s sister walks through the back door. “I’m relieved that you’re not Freddy; he’s driving me crazy.”

Phoenix plops down on the loveseat positioned at a 90-degree angle to hers.

She laughs “He’ll freak out when he sees you out of bed” Alisa rolls her eyes and throat laughs under her breath.

“Don’t worry, I’ll cover for you,” She says

Phoenix sighs a characteristically dramatic breath.

“Colten is so… Oh my god… he’s just”

“I would listen all too gladly if I didn’t think you really like him, and you’re just trying to deny the fact,” Alisa says, feeling more than just a bit hypocritical.

Phoenix looks pained. “You can’t say that… Even if I did… He’s engaged.”

“Phoenix, I’m sorry.”

She continues, “And it’s not as if I’d be good for him, even if he wasn’t… I’m such a mess.”

The couch-bound invalid laughs. “Well, I mean, you are pretty strange.”

“Shut up”

The brown-haired girl chides. “Oh, so I’m not allowed to agree?” She throws a pillow across the room and right into Freddy’s path.

He ducks away. “Whatever I did, I’m sorry.” He sits on the couch next to his love and starts to pull her in, then hesitates. Phoenix rolls her eyes.

“You two are ridiculous; cuddle already,” Freddy swallows uncomfortably.

“I should go, it’s getting late” he gets up and leaves.

Phoenix scrunches her brow. “What? What did I say?” she rises and helps Alisa to her room.

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