You open the book and the first things you see is Freddy walking to the next page.

Michael is sitting in his weather room and what a storm Freddy’s words create. Michael starts to write. Freddy looks and sees Michael’s words appear on the wall.

They say: Name the names of all your feeling. Listen for a peaceful answer. She is silent; you are reeling. Take your heart down a hidden river. Freddy laughs a bit under his breath and shakes his head. He heads up the stairs to his room,

The Next Day

The next day Freddy dials the phone it starts to ring.

“Grant Bluff Eleanor speaking,” A strong, clear, decidedly feminine voice answers the phone.

He speaks, “Hello, my name is Freddy Black; I’m your daughter’s dance partner.”

“Oh, hello! It’s nice to meet you, albeit over the phone; Alisa has told me about you.”

“Likewise, really? Oh!”

Elenor says “You don’t need to tell me she talks about me. I know she keeps her feelings pretty close to herself. How is she? How’s the baby?”

He sighs. “On bed rest, she’s going pretty stir crazy, I wish I could help her, but I get the feeling I’m just making it worse. I wouldn’t ask if…”

“You want me to come?” It’s more of a statement than a question.


As time passes the sun moon and sky rotate. Soon Elenor is making the trek from Kananaskis Country, Alberta, to this water-bound vista. Then Freddy is sitting at the ferry terminal waiting for the boat to arrive. When it does, a youthful-looking middle-aged woman walks off the ferry. They greet each other with a hug, then she gets into his SUV and he drives her home.

Freddy says “How was your trip.”

The woman who so closely resembles Alisa chuckles under her breath, “Long.”

He smiles and nods. “I’m guessing you’re hungry.”

“I could eat; how’s my daughter?” She gets straight to the point

“Ali is well and very bored.”

Eleanor nods “She never did like to sit still.”

“No, she doesn’t.” They arrive at the house. “We’re right over here.”

They exit the car, go around the house, through the patio, and finally to the living room and kitchen. Alisa is sitting on the couch in the living room, her feet propped up. Phoenix is sitting on the loveseat perpendicular to Alisa. Eleanor walks into the room behind Freddy. They hug, and Freddy ducks out of the room.


Elenor sits on the couch that Phoenix just deserted. “Freddy is nice,” She says

“Mom, what are you doing here?”

“Honey, I’m not here to tell you what to do or how to feel; you’re an adult now. I just want to support you and help if I can”

“I’m confused, mom, really; how did you…” Alisa struggles to find the right words.

“Freddy called and asked me to come, so I did.”

“Yeah, he’s a good friend,” She states.

“Is that all?” She cocks her head to the side

“Mom,” I roll my eyes

She shrugs. “Just sayin’”

“Next subject, please,” Alisa practically begs

“Fine,” she raises her hands in mock surrender. “This is a beautiful place.”

“Yes, it is,” Alisa sighs, relieved.

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