Today you are sitting in a park leaning against a tree when you look up and see a line of words taking shape above your head. Then you look down and the book is sitting at your feet. You open it. Michael is out of his tree today, sitting on the ground at a dock watching Freddy’s house. He is writing on the dock surface

It says: What time is it? Such a strange thought that a tick tock. The digital block or chiming bell could define so many of our interactions.

The mother, the daughter, and the hopeful lover must bend to friend so as not to lose the closeness that a heart can lend. Freddy continues his tender care, and Alisa keeps her distance. Eleanor, the mother, looks at her child. She doesn’t know the girl in front of her; Alisa’s heart is numb. She spends each day remembering what her daughter used to be and only sees a shell with no peace.

Michael spins around seasons as they change, and very soon, a baby girl is gained.

New Season

Freddy rises before the morning light and steps outside onto his balcony. He looks down to see Alisa’s mom sitting outside, so he goes around the outside of the house to greet her.

“Good morning,” Freddy says.

“Good morning,” she replies.

“You’re well today, I hope.”

She smiles and sighs.

“You’re a good man, Freddy Black” not knowing what to say he sits down across from her.

“Could you tell Alisa that?” He laughs at the words that fall out of his mouth.

“She’s been through a lot. I’m surprised to see her as well as she is.”

He starts to speak, but she stops him. “Freddy, just don’t give up.”

“Never” He sighs.

Alisa wakes up it’s the crack of dawn, and the sun is peeking through the window. She pauses realizing that the baby isn’t crying. She drags herself out of bed and looks in the crib on the other side of the room. She isn’t there, so Alisa walks out to the living room. Phoenix is slowly turning the infant around, a light tear running down her cheek.

“Phoenix?” She hides her reaction and swallows it, so Alisa chooses not to comment.

“Sorry, I…” She starts to say; Alisa waves her off.

“It’s okay; thanks for taking care of her.”

She shrugs, “of course.”

Just then, Alisa’s mom and Freddy walk through the patio door. Freddy gives Phoenix a soft look.

“Here, let me take her” Freddy takes the baby from Phoenix’s reluctant arms.

Freddy drives Phoenix to the performance center, and Elenor decides to go for a walk around the lake with the baby.

Alisa arrives a few hours later, absolutely drenched in sweat and completely exhausted. I head through the practice hall and to Brook’s office at the back. I knock on the door.

“Who is it?” She hears a shuffling noise.

“It’s Alisa. May I come in?” There is some more shuffling. Then there is a pause.

“Yes, come in.”

Brook opens the door.

“Alisa! Hi!”

“Sorry, oh hello, Mr. Spencer” They look flustered, both of them like they were just making out. Alisa bites her lip both figuratively and literally.

“It’s good you’re here. I can talk to both of you. Unless…I can come back later.”

Mr. Spencer jumps in. “No, that’s fine… Brook?”

“That’s fine; come in.” She agrees we all sit down.

“So, how’s it going? How’s the baby?” Rowan asks

“She’s good; she hardly cries, amazingly enough. My mom is walking her around the lake right now.”

“Must be nice having her around,” Brook says. She shrugs and nods.

“I’ve been thinking; I want to talk about coming back to work soon.” They both look surprised.

Rowan speaks up first, “Of course, if you’re ready, I’m more than glad to have you back but don’t feel any pressure from me at all, do whatever you need to.”

“I, of course, need to get back into shape, and that’ll take a while, but yeah, I want to start coming back.”

Freddy’s House

When Freddy returns to the house, Elenor is on the floor with the baby and Alisa is nowhere to be found. Elenor looks up at him, a grin on her face. He joins her on the floor. Not long after, Alisa walks through the door, clearly spent. Freddy rushes to her side and wraps his arm around her waist. It’s obvious she’s exhausted since she does absolutely nothing to him.

“Come on” He picks her up and carries her to her room.

“How far did you walk?” She looks at him and rolls her eyes.

“Don’t look at me with that tone of voice. You look like you just ran a marathon.”

“To the performance center and back, and don’t say a word. I know your spoiling to lecture me but don’t” Freddy bites his lip and then leaves, letting Alisa change. A little while later, he comes back down climbs into bed next to her and falls asleep.

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